We sell clothes and apparel from the newest and most unique clothing brands on the come up! Starting in 2018, we are only a year old company! We strive from helping others strive. Our concept and philosophy was implemented for two simple reasons. To create a platform where up and coming brands can get noticed, and to offer great new products to our customers. We always wanted to add our own twist to the street apparel world and that is one of our main dedicated focuses. 


I always loved the clothing industry. The options were endless. The hoodies, tees, shoes, hats, beanies, skateboards, different color ways, and all the different accessories you could add to your closet was a way to be creative. I love putting on a fresh fit, who doesn't? The way you dress is a way to express yourself. 


This eventually led me to an issue with finding truly creative products that weren't just massed produced but instead created with great quality and stood out. Clothing brands are more saturated than ever, and the bigger brands mass produce their products that when you find something you like, you are potentially wearing something that thousands of other people already have. When in reality, there is nothing wrong with that, but we wanted to provide an option to find more exclusive up and coming brands that have not been that exposed to the street apparel community yet. People deserve having options, and that is why we think we bring something different to the table. With a small amount of the major brands filling up most of the stores you have seen, it is extremely difficult for brand owners to get their feet in the door and their product on the shelves. I wanted to help with that, and build a bridge for these newer and smaller brands to get established get noticed for their work. 


This is why I created  Find My Brand. A store  where you can find up and coming clothing brands that are just as good as the mainstream brands you see everyday, they just haven't been noticed yet on that kind of massive spotlight. We want to offer a new way to shop for clothing, and help the entrepreneurs and small business owners at the same time. 2 birds with 1 stone? We think it makes perfect sense, and we hope you do too!